Media Library

With your investment in LED technology, the messages that you display will now have the power to be more effective than any other marketing dollar you spend. But not just any content will have the impact you’re after. Plain text message can get lost in a crowded visual landscape, and many organizations don’t have the resources to create their own optimized sign graphics.

Because of this, SignCommand offers a built-in and constantly expanding library of graphics and video animations. These media files are created and optimized by artists that specialize in sign content creation. From church and religious messaging to school and educational themed to small business related, these graphics will turn a sign that can be read into a sign that will be read – and it’s all at your fingertips.

Our media library has been designed to work with almost any size and shape of sign. Because we create our graphics to fit multiple aspect ratios and source them from original large format media, you can be sure that our library will have something for you. From small LED units to billboard-size displays, you will always have something unique to share with SignCommand!

Over 2,000 graphics and animations available!

Amount of detail depends on display resolution.

Church and Religious

School and Educational


Civic Organizations

Municipalities… and many more!