Support Video Tutorials

Video 7 – Date & Time

You may wish to add the current date or time as a slide within your playlist. To do this, select Date & Time from the New Slide menu. This information is available in several formats and combinations. Select the format that you would like to be displayed on your sign.

As with standard text, you may choose a font and color for your item, and resize it using the box at the bottom right. However, take care when choosing the size of this item, as it will need to accommodate dates or times of different lengths. We recommend sizing the text to fit with plenty of space around the edges of the slide. All date and time items are automatically centered within the slide. A background color can also be selected. Note that this dynamic information cannot be combined with other items.

Date and time information is provided from the computer running inside the sign. This information is updated regularly from an official internet time source. If your date or time is displaying incorrectly, see our support website for instructions on changing this setting.