Support Video Tutorials

Video A1 – Downloading for USB

One of the benefits of SignCommand is that it allows you to send a new playlist to your sign from anywhere in the world. However, there may be times when this isn’t possible, such as if there’s a communication issue at the sign site. In those instances, SignCommand offers a backup method of communication by placing a file onto a USB drive, and then plugging the drive into the sign.

To transfer a playlist using this method, find the one that you wish to place on your sign. Click Download for USB and select which sides should be updated. Click Next, and your playlist will be packaged. Now click Download, and a file will be downloaded by your browser. Where this file is placed on your computer will depend on your browser settings.

Find the downloaded file, which will end with .package, and copy it onto an empty USB drive. Take the USB drive out to your sign and plug it into the external USB port, if equipped. A confirmation message will briefly appear on the sign’s display. Wait until the message says to remove the device, and take the drive out of the port. Your sign should now be updated with the new playlist.

The packaged message will remain on the USB drive, and can be used again in the future. Please note that these downloaded playlists are only for use with a USB drive, and cannot be uploaded back into the SignCommand interface.