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Video A3 – Brightness Settings

An important feature of your sign the ability to adjust the LED display brightness to the appropriate levels. This will allow your sign to be seen during daylight hours, but not become too bright for nighttime use. You can access the brightness settings for each of your displays within the Signs page.

By default, your sign is set to automatically adjust to the local light conditions. It does this by taking measurements from an attached light sensor, and calculating the optimal sign brightness. We recommend leaving your sign on this automatic brightness setting whenever possible. However, it may be necessary to change it depending on zoning requirements or conditions specific to your location.

The next brightness option is to set a daily schedule. By selecting this option and clicking Add Schedule, you can set the time and level of desired brightness. As many schedules as necessary can be added to this brightness setting. Schedules can also be removed if no longer needed. At the designated times, your sign will adjust its brightness to your specified value.

The last brightness option is to set a manual value that will not change over time. As with scheduled brightness, this value is set as a percentage. Please note that with both the Scheduled and Manual brightness settings, there will still be a faint message visible at the lowest levels of brightness. To turn your sign’s display off completely at certain times, see the Play Schedule tutorial.

Once you’ve made your selections, click Save to send your new brightness settings to the sign. It may take a minute or two for your sign to update with the new settings.