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Two-Factor Authentication and Sign Software

In today's connected world, there's always a chance that someone may get ahold of your sensitive account information. Because the security of your sign and its message are our top priority, we offer optional two-factor authentication (sometimes called two-step or multi-factor authentication) for all SignCommand accounts. What is two-factor authentication? If you’ve ever used a banking [...]

What is “True” Cloud-based LED Sign Software?

Some LED sign companies will claim to have “cloud” software, when nothing could be further from the truth! Because there's confusion around this term, it can be easy to overlook some critical differences between software that truly lives "in-the-cloud" and others that merely use the internet to communicate.  You should consider the following factors as a part of [...]

Questions to Ask When Choosing LED Sign Software

When your business or organization is looking to purchase an LED sign, it's easy to get wrapped up in the technical specifications of the sign itself. How many colors can it display? How bright can it get? But an often overlooked part of the sign is even more important: the LED sign software. After all, even [...]

Why We Use Amazon Web Services

Today's technology users demand access to their data and services across their many devices.  As a result, the software industry has dramatically shifted in recent years to a "cloud-based" model where the software and data live on the internet.  Instead of your desktop computer doing the heavy lifting of running the application and storing information, this [...]

10 Tips for Using Your LED Sign

As most new sign owners quickly learn, getting your LED sign installed and running is only a part of sign ownership. To truly take your organization to the next level of outdoor digital advertising, you need to maximize its messaging capabilities. By leveraging the power of your sign software and hardware, as well as crafting a [...]

How to Optimize Graphics on Your LED Sign

LED signs are amazing pieces of technology.  They are capable of showing text, images, animations and video visible from far away and under harsh outdoor conditions.  Despite this, all LEDs have limits when it comes to the amount of detail they can display. The reason for this limitation has to do with the number of pixels, [...]

Understanding LED Sign Brightness

With so many different types of measurements and contributing factors to overall LED sign brightness, the topic can quickly become confusing. However, the sign industry has settled on a standard measurement that will help you to discuss and compare LED signs: the nit. Also known as "candelas per square meter", a nit is a unit of [...]