Please note that the SignCommand software makes your playlist appear larger on your computer monitor to make it easier to work with, which may result in fuzzy or blurry lines. If you are concerned about blurriness during preview or within the slide thumbnail images, test your message on the sign itself to see if the issue appears there as well. Because the sign will display the playlist at its native resolution, it will show better than on your computer monitor. If you still experience blurriness on the sign, continue with the following information.

The amount of detail a sign can show (known as its resolution) depends on the amount of physical pixels within the LED display. This is determined at the time of purchase, and is not a function of the software. The preview feature within SignCommand simulates what your playlist will look like at your sign’s resolution.

To create clear, readable text on any sign, please see our video tutorial on using pixel text within your playlist. For tips on how to better show images and video clips on your sign, please see our article on how to optimize graphics on your LED sign.