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Video 5 – Text

One of the basic functions of SignCommand is to add text to your sign. We can do this within the editor for a Text & Media slide. Click the button to add an item to your slide. There are two different types of text for you to add: pixel text and the regular text item.

Pixel text is optimized to fit the maximum amount of characters onto your sign, and works best for smaller signs or when a large message is required. Once added, select the item with your mouse cursor to see the available options. Different styles of pixel text are selectable. This controls the size of the text. Color, outline thickness and outline color are also selectable.

To change your message, double-click the item and type into the text box. Note that you can also change color and outline options for a part of the message by highlighting it with your mouse cursor. When you’re ready to position the message, click out of the text box and then drag and drop the item to the desired location.

For larger signs or shorter messages, the regular text option is the preferred method for adding text to your sign. As with pixel text, various color and outline options are available, and can be selected for a portion of the message. Several font styles are also available, as well as bold and italic options for those fonts that support them.

To resize regular text, click and drag the box at the bottom right. When making text smaller, SignCommand calculates a minimum size that prevents the text from becoming unreadable on your sign. After resizing, position the text by dragging and dropping the item.

Keep in mind that the amount of text you can place on your sign depends on its matrix size, which is the height and width of your sign in pixels. Speak with your sign provider to learn more about your sign’s messaging capabilities.

A final option is to create a scrolling text message. This is done by entering a line of text that’s larger than the slide size, and then turning on the scrolling option. Horizontal will move text from right to left, while Vertical will move text from bottom to top. You may also select from different scrolling speeds.

Scrolling your message is only recommended on small signs that can only support a single line of text. For signs that support multiple lines of text, it’s more efficient to place your message on one or more slides.