Support Video Tutorials

Video 6 – Media & Library

A powerful feature of SignCommand is the ability to upload and manipulate your own images and video clips for use on your sign. Using this media within your playlist is a great way to attract attention and quickly communicate ideas.

Within the slide, click the Media button. This will bring you to your selection of previously uploaded images and video clips. To upload a new file, drag and drop it into the designated box, or click within the box and browse to the file’s location. See our support website for a full list of supported media types. Once processed, your image or video clip will appear as a thumbnail. How long this takes will depend on the file’s size. For video clips, a preview button will allow you to view the full video. Click on the button to add your media to the slide.

When the media is first brought into the slide, it’s automatically sized to fit the full height and width of your sign. You can resize it by clicking and dragging the control boxes around the item. Position the item by dragging it to your desired location. As with text, you can move the media in front of or behind other items through the controls in the toolbar.

You may also crop the image or video clip to only use a portion of it on your slide. Choose the select tool, and then draw a box around the section of media you wish to use. Click the Crop button to remove the content outside of your selection. Switch back to the Resize Tool in order to size and position the media.

As with text, the amount of detail that can be shown on your sign depends on its matrix size. For the best results, it’s recommended to use images and video clips that do not contain a high level of detail. Speak with your sign provider for more information about your sign’s imaging capabilities.

For users with access to the built-in library, this resource will allow you to select from a large variety of pre-made media for your sign. Search through the library by providing a keyword in the search field, and view video clips by clicking the preview button.

Once you’ve found the item you’d like to use, add the media to your slide. Remember that you cannot set the duration of slides that contain a video clip. This duration is automatically set to the full length of time it takes for the video clip to play.

As with shared playlists, any media items that another user has shared will show up under the Shared section of the Library. You may also choose to share your media by selecting this option within your uploaded files. You can browse the provided library and your own uploads at any time by selecting the Library menu item in the left navigation.