If your sign is skipping temperature slides, it may require a software update. Please see our instructions on applying a software update to the sign to ensure you have the most recent version. If your sign software is up-to-date, please continue with the following instructions.

A temperature slide will only show if the sign has recently received updated temperature information for your area. This is to prevent the sign from showing inaccurate information. The sign receives this data from an online weather service, which may be unreachable for the following reasons:

  • The sign is offline. Check that your sign is online within the Signs page of SignCommand. If not, follow the Offline Sign Help instructions to bring your sign back online.
  • The connection is being blocked by a proxy server, firewall or other network appliance. Part of the network may be blocking the communication. Check with your network administrator that all subdomains of signcommand.com (*.signcommand.com) are reachable from the network. In particular, if you use a Barracuda Web Security Gateway, ensure that weather-service.signcommand.com is allowed with an SSL/TLS connection.
  • The weather service is offline. While very unlikely, the weather service may be down. This issue would be resolved in a matter of minutes or hours, so wait to see if the service resumes. If not, it is most likely one of the two issues above.

Once the sign can reach the weather service, normal operation will be resumed. There is no need to resend your playlist. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact support.