Support Error Codes

Error 503 – Sender card not detected

This indicates that the sender card may have been disconnected or is not energized.
If your sign is continuing to show your message and adjust its brightness correctly, you may ignore this error.

With the power off, open the sign cabinet (this will be side A on a double-sided sign) and find the sign controller and the sender card. Ensure that the USB cable between your sign’s controller and the sender card is securely connected. If the connections are already secure, test with a different USB cable to see if the cable has become defective. Also ensure that all power cables connected to the send card are secure.

The sign’s sender card may look different depending on model. Check the Sender Model entry within the SignInfo diagnostic information to determine which is installed.

DBStar Sender ModelSupport Error 503

NovaStar Sender ModelSupport Error 503

If this does not resolve the issue, contact your sign’s manufacturer for further instructions.