Support Video Tutorials

Video 2 – Playlists

The first step in creating content for your sign is to create what’s called a playlist. This is simply a list of all messages, images and video clips to be shown on your sign, as well as any special effects or scheduling information. Only one playlist can be playing on your sign at any time. By creating multiple playlists within the application, you can have a different message ready to be sent to your sign when the conditions are right.

To create a new one, click on the New Playlist button. You’ll be asked to give your playlist a name, as well as select which sign this playlist is for. If you only have one sign, you can leave this set to the default option. If you have multiple signs, select which one will be using the new playlist. Click the Save button to complete the process.

To open the playlist for editing, click on the Edit button. Playlists can also be copied or deleted from your account. Be careful, though, deleting a playlist is permanent and cannot be undone. We’ll learn more about the options of sending and downloading your completed playlist in a later tutorial.

Another available option is to share your playlist. If more than one person in your organization has a SignCommand account, you may give them access to it here. If they share a playlist with you, it will show up under the Shared Playlists tab. You can edit and send these shared playlists just as if you had created them yourself.