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Video 3 – Slides

A slide is a single message that will be shown on your sign for a set length of time. These messages may contain text, images, and video clips. Dynamic information such as date, time and temperature can be added to special types of slides. The slide can also be set to have a transition effect for when it first appears, adding some eye-catching movement to your sign.

To add a slide, click the New button within your opened playlist. There are several different types of slides including Text & Media for your own custom text, images and video clips, Date & Time for current time information, and Temperature for current temperature information. A blank slide of the type that you’ve selected will be added to the end of your playlist. Additional information and settings can be found on the back of each slide card. Click the button to flip the card over to adjust these settings.

The duration is how long you’d like the slide to be shown on your sign. It’s listed in hours, minutes, and seconds. By default, each new slide is set for a duration of five seconds, but can be adjusted as necessary. However, if you are using a video clip or scrolling text within your slide, the duration will not be selectable. This is because the slide will be set to automatically play for the entire length of the video clip or scrolling text.

A transition is a special effect added between slides, and there are many options to choose from. If no transition is selected, the slide will appear on your sign without any effect. A schedule can also be set. This will instruct the slide to show only during a particular day or time. We’ll cover scheduling in a later tutorial.

The order of the slides within the playlist can be changed by dragging and dropping them into their new location. The number at the top of the card will indicate their order. As we’ll see later, the slide content is changed through the editor.

Slides can also be copied both within and between playlists, allowing you to quickly build up your sign messages. Once editing is complete, you can preview an individual slide along with any selected transition effects. And of course, you can delete your slide. As with deleting a playlist, this is permanent and cannot be undone.

One thing you may have noticed is that there’s no Save button. This is because saving is done automatically after every change that you make. You’ll never need to worry about losing your changes in SignCommand.