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Video 4 – Editor

The heart of SignCommand is the editor. This is where you’ll create your sign content by adding text, images and video clips to your slides. A background color is selectable, and can be adjusted as needed. A border can also be added around the slide by selecting a border thickness and color.

While working within the editor, it may be necessary to zoom in or out of the slide. For zoomed in views, scrollbars allow you to see different portions of the slide. You can also reset the zoom level to its default value. If multiple items have been added to the slide, they can be positioned in front of or behind other items. And when an item is no longer needed, it can be deleted through the toolbar or by pressing the delete key on your keyboard.

As with your playlists and slides, all changes made within the editor are saved automatically. However, an undo button allows you to revert your last several changes. Once you have completed your slide, click the back button to return to the playlist.

Because the editor requires the fine control of a mouse and keyboard, it’s not available on small, touch devices such as phones. We recommend creating your playlists ahead of time on a desktop or laptop computer, so that they’re ready to be sent from a mobile device when conditions are right.