Support Video Tutorials

Video 9 – Scheduling

A powerful feature of SignCommand is the ability to set a schedule for when you’d like content to be shown on your sign. This allows you to customize your message based on the date and time. To set this option, click the Edit Schedule button for the slide.

By default, all slides are set to the Continuous option. This means that they will be displayed on your sign throughout the day in the order that they appear in the playlist. Please note that you must have at least one continuous slide in your playlist. This ensures that your sign won’t go blank due to gaps in the playlist schedule. If you do want your sign to go blank, such as during overnight hours, see the Play Schedule tutorial.

To only show this slide at certain times, choose the Scheduled option. You will now be able to select from a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring schedule, as well as a specific date. Each option can also be limited to certain times of the day by selecting starting and ending times. For daily, weekly and monthly schedules, you may also choose to only show this slide between the dates that you specify. This is helpful for when you have content that you’d like to start or stop on a certain day.

Finally, you may choose to mark the slide as High Priority. This means that it will override other content on the sign during the times that it’s shown. If another high priority slide is scheduled during an overlapping time, they will both be shown on the sign during those times.

The result of your selections will be written at the bottom of the scheduling window, including the next time the slide will be shown. This easy-to-read result means that you’ll never schedule a slide incorrectly with SignCommand.