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Video 10 – Previewing & Sending

Once your playlist is complete, you’ll want to preview it to see how it will appear on your sign. Within the playlist, click on the Preview button. This will generate a preview showing all of your slides in order including their effects and other settings. If you have any scheduled slides within the playlist, they will be shown here as well, even if they aren’t set to be shown at the current time.

When you’re ready to send your playlist, click the Send to Sign button. A list of your signs and their individual sides will be shown. This allows you to select which sides should receive the new playlist. Signs with a status of Online are currently communicating with the SignCommand servers, and are ready to receive instructions.

If a sign shows the Offline status, you may still choose to send it the playlist. The sign will download and begin playing the new playlist as soon as it resumes communication with the server. See our Offline Sign Help tutorial for more information on why a sign may be offline. Finally, if you have multiple signs of different sizes, you will only be able to send to those that match the playlist size.

Click the Send button and the playlist will be sent. It may take a minute or two for your sign to update and start playing the new message. Remember, if you make any changes to your playlist in the future, you will need to resend it in order for these changes to show up on the sign.

Because your playlists are stored in the cloud, you can send them from any device by logging into your SignCommand account. This powerful feature makes sending a playlist from your mobile device as easy as sending it from your desktop computer.