Support Video Tutorials

Video 11 – Quick Message

While we recommend that you create playlists ahead of time so that you can send them from a mobile device if necessary, there are times when this isn’t practical. In an emergency, or when a custom message needs to be displayed quickly, the Quick Message feature allows you to simply type the text that will be displayed on your sign.

From the web browser on your desktop or mobile device, click Quick Message in the main navigation. Type the message that you would like to be displayed on your sign. Optionally, you may unselect where your message will be displayed. Click the Send button and the new message will be generated and sent. The number of slides and color will depend on your sign’s capabilities.

Because it’s intended for use in emergency situations or for temporary messaging, advanced options such as font and color, background, transitions, scheduling and duration are not available with this feature. To revert your sign back to normal operation, simply send a regular playlist to the sign.