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Video A6 – Two-Factor Authentication

We recommend that all users turn on two-factor authentication for their account when accessing SignCommand for the first time. This security feature will prevent others from being able to log into your account, even if they know your email address and password.

Within your profile, check the Enable Two-Factor Authentication box and provide a cell phone number for receiving text messages. Click the Validate Number button and a text message will be sent to your phone. Enter the security code you received, and click the Validate Code button. Remember to save your profile when complete.

Now whenever an unrecognized computer attempts to log into your account, a new security code will be sent to the phone number provided. This code must be entered to complete the login process, and the computer or device can be remembered for future use. Optionally, you may download and use the Authy mobile application for receiving security codes, rather than through a text message. This application is available free-of-charge from your phone’s app store.