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Video A7 – Animation Templates

Our Animation Templates feature is a powerful way to add visual interest and movement to your custom message. To add one, click the New button within your opened playlist and select Animation. Click the Edit Slide button. You will be presented with a library of templates to choose from. You may preview them, or select one for use.

Because the animations use advanced rendering technology, the slide editor may take some time to load. All templates allow you to change text options such as message, color, size and font. In addition, each individual template may have options that are specific to that effect. The End Delay option controls what happens at the end of the animation. This may result in extending or looping the animation, and is different for each effect.

Once your selections are complete, press the back button to return to the playlist. As with video clips, the duration and transition options for Animation Templates are not adjustable. If you wish to adjust the duration, you can increase or decrease the End Delay option.