Support Video Tutorials

Video T1 – New Sign Setup

As the newest member of the SignCommand family, we want to make the experience of setting up your sign as easy as possible. This video will describe the requirements and process of having your sign communicate with the SignCommand application. Please refer to your sign provider’s instructions if you require information on the physical installation or electrical requirements of your sign.

SignCommand requires an always-on internet connection available at the sign site. This is usually achieved by connecting your sign to the same network used by the other computers or devices within your organization. However, it is not necessary for your sign to be on the same network as the computer you will use to control the sign. Only the connection to the internet is required.

The first step is to physically connect any network cables or communication devices. While performing these actions, keep the sign power off at the circuit breakers or other designated power switch. How your sign physically connects to an internet source will depend on how it was purchased and installed.

If your sign uses a trenched network cable or other kind of line, make sure that the cable is connected to the sign at one end and your network equipment at the other. If your sign uses a wireless radio to communicate, ensure that it is connected correctly to both a power source and network source, and that the device has a direct line-of-sight to the sign’s antenna. If your sign uses a cellular modem to communicate, you will only need to ensure that your data plan is activated and available on the modem. Speak with your sign provider if you require more information on your sign’s communication method.

Once ready, turn the sign on at the circuit breakers or other designated power switch. Most signs are configured to automatically acquire the necessary network information. This means that the sign should connect to your network and begin communicating through your internet service provider. Allow the sign a few minutes to connect, and then log into your SignCommand account to check the sign’s status.

If your sign shows a status of Online, congratulations! You are now ready to start using the application to control your sign message. If your sign continues to show an Offline status, check the connected network equipment or wireless radio. A network activity light should be flashing on the device. If you do not see any network activity, turn the power off and double check all network connection points between and within the sign. If you do see network activity on the device, refer to our Offline Sign Help tutorial for more information.