Support Video Tutorials

Video T2 – Getting Sign Diagnostic Information (SignInfo)

If you ever have an issue with your sign, we recommend that your first step is to retrieve the sign’s diagnostic information. This includes all of the settings and current state information, and runs many automated tests to ensure that your sign is functioning properly. With the sign powered on, take an empty USB drive and plug it into the external USB port on your sign, if equipped. Wait until a message on the sign’s display says to remove the device before disconnecting the USB drive.

Plug it into a computer, open a file window and navigate to the USB drive. You should now see a text file called signinfo.txt on the drive. Open this file using any standard text editor, such as Windows Notepad, to read your sign’s diagnostic information. The automated tests that are run on your sign will indicate any warnings or failures within this information. See our support website for a full list of error codes and how to resolve them. If you are communicating with a technical support representative, it’s helpful to have this file available to email during your support call.