Your sign will automatically update its software when necessary.
Updating your sign’s software manually is not recommended unless directed by a support technician or from an error code solution.

How to determine if your sign has a software update available.

  1. Follow the instructions to retrieve your sign’s diagnostic information.
  2. Within the text file, look for the dates listed after the lines starting with Player Version and Player Patch.
  3. Compare those dates with the dates listed on the Files & Downloads page.
  4. If there are newer versions available for either file, you may proceed to manually update your sign.

How to update your sign’s software manually.

  1. Download an upgrade from the Files & Downloads page. The file’s name will end with .upgrade.
  2. Place the downloaded .upgrade file onto an empty USB drive.
  3. Plug the USB drive into the USB port on your sign (if equipped).
  4. When the sign’s display goes completely black, the sign is rebooting.  You may then remove the USB drive.

Your sign is now updated.  Be sure to remove the .upgrade file from the USB drive before using it again.

If applying the Player upgrade, you must apply the Patch upgrade afterwards.