Files & Downloads

We’ve got you covered! While most of your sign’s functions can be performed online, occasionally there is a need to download a file or two. Our upgrade and diagnostic files are listed below. Looking for user guides or other documentation? Check out our comprehensive video tutorials and frequently asked questions.

Upgrade Files

Your sign will automatically update its software when necessary.
Updating your sign’s software manually is not recommended unless directed by a support technician or from an error code solution.  Be sure to read our instructions on applying a sign software update.

If applying the Player upgrade, you must apply the Patch upgrade afterwards.

User Manual

We recommend viewing the videos, but a manual is also available. User Manual

Diagnostic & Utility Files

Test Pattern Playlists
Applies or removes test patterns to the selected side.
Test Pattern for Side A
Test Pattern for Side B
Turn Screen Black for Both Sides

DHCP Configuration File
Changes your sign to use DHCP to acquire network information.
DHCP Configuration

USB Reboot File
The sign will reboot if this file is present on the USB drive.
USB Reboot

Clear Commands File
This file will delete all pending commands for your sign on both the controller and on the server. For use only if your sign is showing as online, but does not respond to any new commands.
Clear Commands