While we are constantly working to improve the application and your user experience, all major change rollouts are listed here.


  • A new Animation Templates feature that will allow you to bring your custom text to life through various visual effects. The message is then rendered to fit the sign(s).
  • The “Organizational Admin” role will allow special users to add, modify or remove other users to SignCommand for their organization. If you would like to administer users for your organization, please use the Support Form to contact us. Proof of identification and organizational membership will be required.
  • Fixed bugs related to the infinite scrolling of the Library page, and intermittent temperature service issues.
  • Fixed bugs related to inconsistent text kerning.


  • A new Quick Message feature that will allow you to add a basic message to your sign by simply typing text. The message is then rendered to fit the sign(s). This will be useful in emergency situations, or when you want to place a new custom message on your sign using only a phone or other mobile device.
  • The playlist and slide data limitation issue is now resolved. This resulted in disappearing playlists and slides.
  • The media upload feature has been improved to prevent timeouts.
  • There is now a text justification and positioning tool in the editor. This will allow you to align text to the left, center or right if a multi-line message, or position it within the canvas when the whole item is selected.
  • Text, images and video clips can now be copied and pasted within the editor, as well as being moved using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • The Feedback tab has been removed. Please use the Support Form for all support issues or feedback.
  • You can update your generic profile image by going to Gravatar. This will allow you to associate your email address with a custom image.


  • Added two-factor authentication option for all users.
  • Improved the quality of resized media.
  • Included a send-to-sign and download button within the playlist.
  • Added several transition effects and the ability to apply them to time and temperature slides.
  • Added support for Canadian zip codes.
  • Improved the uploading of large media files
  • Auto-save on page changes.
  • Fixed several IE11 issues.