While we always suggest that you create your sign messages ahead of time, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Situations can occur where you need to place a custom message on your sign as quickly as possible, sometimes while you are away from your desk and computer.

Introducing our new Quick Message feature.  This enhancement turns your sign into an emergency communication system that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device.  Simply access the application, type in your message and send.  The text will be formatted to fit your sign (or multiple signs), and immediately start showing on the display.

A message of any length can be typed or copied into Quick Message.  Text requiring more than one slide will be automatically divided into multiple slides.  Have signs of different sizes?  The message will be formatted to fit each individual sign.

Some of the many uses of Quick Message:

  • Amber and Silver Alerts
  • Emergency weather alerts
  • Evacuation routes and instruction
  • News and current events
  • Any message you need to place on your sign quickly

With the Quick Message feature for SignCommand, emergency communication is just a click away!