LED signs provide the essential means of communication between your schools and their communities, parents, students, and faculty. LED signs are a great way for your district to stand out while keeping the entire community informed on what’s happening at each school. Your signs can be used for everything from daily announcements to quick messages and emergency alerts. Here are some additional reasons why your school district should be using SignCommand software.


SignCommand is the easiest to use LED sign software in the industry, both in initial setup and content creation. Since we are a true cloud-based software, there is nothing to install of configure. We deliver a simple yet powerful solution to run your new communication tool. Don’t believe us? See for yourself just how easy our software is by checking out our tutorial videos.


One of the perks of having a browser-based software is that it works on any internet connected device. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are if you have internet connection, you can control your signs. With SignCommand being a true cloud-based software, your messages are stored “in the cloud”. This allows you to move from one device to another while finishing your content creation. No more panicking to get back in the office to update your sign messages.

Monitor Multiple Signs

SignCommand allows you to send new messages to individual signs or even to a specific side, regardless of where in the world you are. Easily collaborate with multiple users to create, maintain, and share your sign content. This feature provides you with the ability to send last minute changes such as emergency closings, meetings, safety messages, and more to all your districts signs in a timely manner.


Powerful scheduling options allow you to schedule your custom messages down to the minute, for either one-time or repeating use. The flexibility of our software lets you upload school events days, weeks, months, or even years in advance. Many customers love to have the entire calendar year already programmed in advance, leaving them to only edit as needed. This feature saves our customers so much time!

Quick Message

Our Quick Message feature was created to help turn your sign into an emergency communication system.  Situations can arise at any time, and it is important you are able to deliver those potential lifesaving messages to students, staff, parents, and community. Many uses of this feature are for school safety, Amber alerts, emergency weather alerts, shelter information, evacuation instructions, and much more.

Media Library

With SignCommand, you gain access to a constantly expanding media library with over 1,100 built-in graphics and images. Our media library has been designed to work with almost any size and shape of sign. From small LED units to billboard-size displays, you will always have something unique to share. And if you don’t see a specific graphic you need, you can create your own using our Editor tool.

Animation Templates

Create custom eye-catching messages using our Animation Templates feature. Make your school standout by bringing your messages to life through movement. With this feature, you can change text styles, transitions, speeds, colors, and more for a truly customized message. Best of all, this feature is included FREE with every SignCommand account.

With an investment in LED technology, your messages will have the power to become the most effective form of marketing for your school. Use your own logos, symbols, graphics and animations to create messages that will grab the attention of all who pass by. Contact us today for more information on our LED sign software.

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