Getting great content onto your sign is only one aspect of LED software.  Another is making sure your content is shown at the optimum time.  With SignCommand, you can schedule information to be shown on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring schedule, as well as on specific dates.  This can be combined with scheduling during certain hours of the day to pinpoint exactly when you want your message to be shown.  There is no limitation on how far out you can schedule your message, or on how many messages you can schedule.

Of course, being the easiest to use sign software in the industry, we take these features further.  Because there are so many ways to create a schedule, the combinations available to you can quickly become complex.  What if there was a way to easily know exactly how your message is scheduled and when it will show next?  Take these selections:

What does it all mean?  Just look at the easy-to-read results at the bottom of the scheduling window, and it will tell you:

Not only can you see how your message is scheduled, but when it will show next on the sign.  You will never mis-schedule your content with SignCommand!

We’ve all seen signs that advertise events that have long passed or provide information that is no longer relevant. While LED signs will certainly generate attention, stale content can make your organization seem out-of-touch or disorganized.  An important feature of scheduling is the “Do not show after” option.  Just set this to the day your content will expire, and never have an out-of-date sign.

Finally, there may be times when you want certain content to be the ONLY thing that shows on your sign.  We make this process easy.  Just select “High Priority”, and this message will be the only one that shows on your sign during its scheduled time.