What is communication? Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information. This can be done by speaking, writing, visualizations, or other methods. Clear communication between your organization and community is a must. Being able to clearly communicate your messages eliminates the barrier that prevents your messages from being seen. LED signs provide the essential means of communication between the you and your community. Here is a list of four ways that SignCommand can help boost your communication efforts in your community.

Graphics and Animations Library

Our graphics library contains a constantly expanding data base of over 1,000 graphics and video animations. A team of artists who specialize in sign content creation create media files specifically for SignCommand. They understand the power of your sign and the importance in your messages being effectively communicated. From church to school and even small business related, these graphics will turn a sign that can be read into a sign that will be read – and it is all at your fingertips. Do not see a graphic for your occasion? If you are not short in time, submit a suggestion to our artists or simply create your own with one of our many background graphics and animation templates.

Quick Message for Emergency Communication

Quick Message is a feature in SignCommand that allows you to turn your LED sign into an emergency communication system. These messages can be for Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, Evacuations, Weather Alerts, Community Awareness, and more. Since SignCommand runs in a web browser on any internet connected device, it will work on your phone. This means your messages can be sent to your sign in a matter of seconds. Help keep your community feeling safe by having the ability to get those urgent messages communicated right away.

Update Your Sign from Anywhere on Any Device

SignCommand allows you to quickly change a message from anywhere and on any device. It does not matter where you are in the world, with SignCommand if you have internet access you can control your sign. Last minute sales promotion you need displayed on your sign? Unexpected job opening at one of your locations? Emergency board meeting? School closing? Maybe you received a notification that your LED sign is too dim or too bright? No problem. Simply log in to your SignCommand account from any internet connected device to send messages or adjust sign settings. With the power of SignCommand, your community will stay informed on what is happening at your organization.

Multi-Sign Network Availability

Another great feature of SignCommand is the ability to control multiple signs with ease. Our cloud-based software allows you to have a single Command-and-Control center for your signs regardless of where in the world they are located. Send new messages to individual signs or even to a specific side of your sign effortlessly with SignCommand. Whether you oversee multiple school campuses or manage more than one business, your signs can easily be updated for clear communication to customers, staff, and others alike.

SignCommand delivers simple yet powerful solutions to run your new communication device. Without the right software, you are not maximizing your sign investment. Our software contains powerful content creation, scheduling and collaboration tools that ensures your sign message will be seen and acted upon. Best of all, these features are included FREE with every SignCommand account. Contact us today to learn more.