Support Error Codes

Error 403 – Server command log warning

The number of pending or failed commands for the sign on the server has exceeded a set amount.

You may ignore this warning if your sign is operating normally.

If your sign takes more than a few minutes to update when sending a playlist and you have more than 10 pending items, this may indicate an internet connection problem. The sign requires a stable internet connection to function properly. If you use a short-range wireless radio between the sign and network equipment, ensure that it has a strong signal indicator and a line-of-sight to the sign’s antenna. For Ethernet and other wired connections, ensure the contact points between wires and equipment are secure.

After checking your internet connection, download the clear_commands.configure file. Place this file on a USB drive, and then plug the USB drive into your sign. This will clear all of the pending commands off of the sign and the server. If your sign continues to have issues, please contact support.