Offline Sign Help

If your sign hasn’t connected to the internet in a while, an “Offline” indicator will appear next to it. Don’t worry! This is usually a result of a temporary connection problem between your sign and the internet.  During this time, you won’t be able to control or see the status of your sign remotely.  However, SignCommand signs are designed to continue functioning without being able to connect to the internet.

Your sign is capable of showing the existing playlist, including all scheduled slides, without an internet connection. As long as there is power at the sign, most likely your current message is continuing to play.

Your sign will resume normal operation on its own once the issue is resolved. If you are near the sign and must change the message before the internet connection is restored, you can download a playlist to a USB drive and plug it into the external USB port on the sign (if equipped).

If your sign remains in the “offline” status, follow the troubleshooting guides below.  As with any electronic device, we recommend first turning the sign off and back on using the circuit breakers or other provided electrical switch.  This may correct any temporary issues that the sign software is experiencing.

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Is there internet service at the sign’s location? – If your sign uses the organization’s internet connection to communicate with the SignCommand servers, make sure that the internet service is working.  Try connecting to the internet with a computer or other device while it’s on the organization’s network.  If you cannot connect to any websites, contact your organization’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) to resolve the issue.
  • Are all communication devices powered on and working? – If you use any equipment such as wireless radios or routers between the sign and your internet connection, make sure they are powered on and have status indicator lights showing a network connection.  As with the sign, it’s best to turn each of these devices off and back on to try to clear any temporary software issues.
  • Is there power at the sign’s location? – Check that the sign is running and showing your current message.  If the sign is off, check the circuit breakers or other electrical switches to ensure that they are in the on position.  If the sign is receiving power but is not displaying any kind of message, this may indicate a hardware issue.  Contact your sign’s manufacturer to resolve the issue.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Follow the instructions to use a USB drive to get your sign’s diagnostic information.  Near the bottom of the signinfo.txt text file, you will see a section called “NetTests” that contains information on the sign’s connection status. Match any failed tests with the following error codes, and click on the code for more information.

200 - Physical network connection failed
210 - Device ping failed
211 - Gateway ping failed
212 - DNS server ping failed
213 - Internet ping failed
214 - Internet port 80 failed
215 - Internet port 443 failed
216 - Internet wget failed
217 - SignCommand service connection failed

Network administrators or other IT professionals may also wish to review our Technical Specifications.