Frequently asked questions for product support.

What do I do if I don’t know my password?

If you've been assigned a SignCommand user account but don't know your password, go to the login page.  Type your email into the Email field and click Sign In.  The following box will appear: Click the Forgot Password button, and an email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to you. If [...]

Why are my graphics/text blurry or pixelated in the preview or on my sign?

Please note that the SignCommand software makes your playlist appear larger on your computer monitor to make it easier to work with, which may result in fuzzy or blurry lines. If you are concerned about blurriness during preview or within the slide thumbnail images, test your message on the sign itself to see if the issue [...]

Why do I receive “There was an error sending your playlist to the sign”?

If you receive this error when sending or downloading a playlist, please duplicate your entire playlist using the "Copy" button on the main playlist screen.  Then send or download the copied playlist.  You may delete the original playlist after confirming that the copy works correctly.

Why are my temperature slides being skipped?

If your sign is skipping temperature slides, it may require a software update. Please see our instructions on applying a software update to the sign to ensure you have the most recent version. If your sign software is up-to-date, please continue with the following instructions. A temperature slide will only show if the sign has recently [...]

How do I add or remove a user for my SignCommand account?

If your user account has been set up as an "Organizational Administrator", you will see an Admin section in the left navigation. Select this and then Users to add, edit and remove users within your organization. If you do not have an Admin section in the left navigation, please contact the user within your organization that [...]

What media file formats can I upload and use on my sign?

You can use your own graphics and video clips with your new sign in all of the most common file formats. SignCommand officially supports the following media formats for display on your sign: Image Formats BMP GIF JPG PNG (recommended) TIF Video Formats AVI MOV MP4 (recommended) MPG WMV

Why can’t I access or view the SignCommand application?

SignCommand requires a modern web browser to work correctly. If you are experiencing problems viewing or using the SignCommand application, please ensure that you have updated your browser to the latest version. See our list of supported web browsers.

How do I prepare for a technical support call?

If you have a scheduled call with a technical support representative, please follow these instructions in advance of the call so that we may more quickly assist you. Be near the sign site and at a computer that has internet access. Retrieve your sign's diagnostic information and have it available to email to the technician. If [...]

What is required to use SignCommand?

Please see our full list of software, network and hardware requirements on our Requirements page. Network administrators or other IT professionals may also wish to review our Technical Specifications.

How do I set the date, time or timezone on my sign with a USB drive?

Using a text editing program such as WordPad, create a new plain-text file. On the first line of the text file, you will be typing a date and time. Select the date and time that you plan to be out at the sign (such as five or ten minutes in the future). Enter the date and [...]