SignCommand Celebrates 2000 Signs!

It seems like only yesterday that we surpassed 1000 online signs. Now we’ve reached another huge milestone: our 2000th sign is online and communicating with the SignCommand servers! Many more are in various stages of shipping or installation, and join our family of signs daily.

This milestone is possible through the scalable resources of Amazon Web Services.  With dozens to hundreds of requests hitting our servers every second, it’s important to have the power and reliability of the most trusted name in cloud-based hosting.  Thanks to the AWS infrastructure, we can quickly turn on additional computing or storage resources when they are needed.

Even more impressive, it’s all done online.  As true cloud-based software, we don’t use installed programs or other intermediaries.  From cropping and resizing video clips, to packaging and sending your completed sign message, everything is available to you behind a secure website login.

Thank you to our wonderful users for this achievement, and bring on the next 2000 signs!